Hard Candy’s – Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain – Review

Good Morning and Happy April!

Yesterday I picked up a new mascara (I know I know I have a million…) but this one caught my eye! I also had a Walmart gift card burning a hole in pocket! ;)

I snagged Hard Candy’s “Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain” mascara for $6.99.

Paint Lash Ink on and don’t reapply for up to 4 days. Shower, go in the pool, cry, rub your eyes, or get rained on – your lashes will stay flawless no matter the circumstances!

Hard Candy Website
(Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmart in Canada, but I’m not sure about the US)

Talk about convenience! If this holds true this will be a GEM to have! I plan on doing a lot of camping this year, and there is nothing worse than waking up with raccoon eyes, or worse, going makeup free for an entire weekend :S This product will be incredibly handy to apply before the weekend and hopefully have it last until I return home!

Last night before bed I thoroughly washed my face & moisturized to get ready to start the trial! (see photos below).
I curled my lashes prior to applying the mascara, since I completely DO NOT recommend clamping/curling mascara filled lashes.
It applied very wet, which was not an issue because it allowed me to evenly spread my lashes before they dried.
The wand has s a thin shaped and short bristled brush.
The tube is quite large and looks very ‘glam’, which is how all Hard Candy products look I did not get much volume, but I did get length and good dark coverage in 1 coat. I experienced no clumping at all.
It dried in a couple of minutes, so while it was wet I was able to easily fix spots where I slipped and applied to my skin fairly easily with a Q-Tip.

Day 1:
Morning – I rubbed my eyes quite a bit to see if the mascara would budge. It did not, no flaking and no marks left on my hand.
I washed my face as I normally would (but I did not use my Clarisonic near my eyes).
I applied my eye cream and my moisturizer. I closed my dropped jaw.
The mascara remained perfectly intact.

I’m going to run the full 4 day test and see what happens! Ill keep you all posted on the results!

~ Before ~

~ After ~

Day 2

I took a long hot shower, and didn’t make any effort to shield my eye area. I washed my face how I normally would with my regular cleanser. I saw no issues at all with the product running or flaking under my eyes. The lashes still appear to be ‘stained’ but not as “glossy” as the 1st day. Here are the day 2 photos:

Day 3
I was still quite surprised! Still no budging and decent colour. The only sign of wear I saw was after the day 3 shower, there were a couple (as in 2) tiny specs of black under my eyes. I easily wiped them away.
I don’t have any pictures for today but they looked exactly like day 2!

Day 4
The final day! I am pleased to say that Lash Ink passes my test ;) The product met all claims and lasted through all my tests and extreme attempts at trying to get it to smear. The removal process for most people might be an issue, as normal makeup wipes simply did not work. Personally this was a non-issue for me as I have recently discovered my love for pure coconut oil as a makeup remover. As soon as I wiped away with the oil it easily slipped right off without struggle.

Final Verdict
I give this a 5/5 and can easily say I love it! I will not be using this as an everyday mascara but there will be a time and place where it will shine! For regular wear I enjoy volume and this simply didn’t provide that, but they also made no claim to this. For an event when I might shed a tear, or for rainy stormy weather this will be a must. Of course for weekend getaways like camping & cottage trips, this will be my savior! I really dislike typical waterproof mascara, they are a nightmare to remove and always seem to smear and flake. I also find they have an almost plasticky consistency. For me to find this is a dream come true! Give it a shot for $6.99 you truly can’t go wrong.

Have you tried this product out? I you have let me know how you liked it!

=^•^= Caateryna

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