In Memory of Talia Joy

Hello beauties!

Today I have an emotional post, one that I wish from the bottom of my heart I didn’t have to write.
I’m sure if you are a beauty addict, you surely must have come across the beautiful YouTube angel, Talia Joy. Over the last few years I have been watching the amazingly talented and incredible inspirational Talia. If you are not aware of who she was, set aside a few hours and please watch this beautiful girls channel ->

I don’t want to get into too much detail, as I don’t want this to be a gossipy post. I want to keep this short and sweet. Talia was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago at the age of 7. On July 16th, she passed away.

Having watched her battle from afar, I felt like I knew her, like I was a friend of hers who checked in on her as often as possible. When I heard the news, I was rocked to the core. I felt incredibly emotional and was breathless for hours. I knew the day would eventually come, but we all like to keep hopeful, and so I didn’t want to believe her journey had come to an end. I was angry for days, and spent a lot of time questioning life. Sometimes in our life, some people grab us by the heart and for me Talia was one of those souls that will forever be in my heart. These last few days I have come to the acceptance that she is no longer suffering and was able to be successful in the things she loved so much, even in her short time here on Earth.

The nail polish community came together after her passing, and decided to collaboratively paint our nails in mint, in honor and remembrance of Talia’s last mani posted on Instagram. Not only did bloggers and fans get involved but also many companies did as well! We saw manis from Zoya, Julep, Orly etc. it warmed my heart to know that somewhere out there Talia was smiling and felt our love. Many polishes were created in her name and had proceeds going toward several different charities, including her own, Base Camp.

I felt comfort in painting my nails for this collaboration. Talia was a strong advocate of the ‘just keep swimming’ quote (she was a huge fan of Ellen) so for my mani I decided to stamp some cute little fishies. I cried as I painted my nails, but it was a happy cry. I thought about how no matter how hard our battles are that we face, we need to push through and keep moving forward. Talia will always be my inspiration and I will miss seeing her huge smile. Rest in peace.



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