March 2012 – Glossy Box Canada– Unboxing

Hello again!

I have been on such a roll lately with filming my unboxings! Luckily the boxes are pretty spaced out otherwise I would get overwhelmed and backlogged.

Today’s video is on my March Glossy Box (Canadian Edition), (For the US Version visit: GLOSSYBOX ) and let me just say I was BLOWN away by the contents of the box. (I put photos way down below do that you can watch the video 1st if you want to be ‘surprised’ like me!)

To date, this is my absolute favourite box I received from any of the other beauty subscriptions!

If you want to sign up can you please use the link so that I earn Glossy Dots? (1000 GD’s = a free box!)
I applied to be a Glossy Box Ambassador and was accepted! One of the great benefits is I was given a promo code to give all my wonderful readers to redeem for 10% off your first box! Please use with my link below and use the code GLOSSY20!

Glossy Box Sign Up

I pay for everything I have reviewed so a free box would be wonderful!

Ok now on with the show! If you like the video, please press the LIKE button :)

*Disclaimer* I was REALLY sick before filming this so please excuse my voice!


















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