Sigma Beauty – 1st Impressions & Paris Palette Review

Hi Lovelies!

I am very eager to share today’s post with you, and hope that you will enjoy watching the video!
I am a recent Sigma Beauty fan & customer and I couldn’t be more happier! Being the beauty lover that I am, I cannot believe I didn’t check them out sooner.

In June I placed my 1st order with them, and got myself several goodies :)

  • The 1st item I got was the well known and often talked about Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. I absolutely love this brush, it works just as well as my beauty blender, and it feels like heaven on my skin!
  • The second item I got was the Sigma E15 Flat Definer Brush. This is my new tightlining brush and its amazing!!
  • Last but not least…. I got the Limited Edition Paris Palette, and wow is it ever gorgeous! It was everything I hoped and more! I’m a palette addict, amongst every other product I’m addicted to ;) but eyeshadows are my weakness! I love, love, love this palette, and so glad I got it before it sells out for good!

Below is the gallery of swatches & photos I took as well as my in-depth review & show & tell of all my goodies.

I just placed another order last week and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit! I am SOO excited! I am a Sigma fan for life!

*If you place an order with them make sure you use the latest promo code to get 10% off (see my Sigma banner to the right for the latest code!)

The free gift (WUS $30) for August is the travel version of the E05 eyeliner brush, in HOT PINK!!


Do you have any of the items I wrote about today? If you do I would love to hear your feedback!!

Hugs and Kisses =^.^=


  • glossandglitz

    Love it all!!! I am so jealous u got the E05… I got an eyeshadow which I won’t use as they’re not my colors… oh well! Love Sigma and I would LOVE to get the paris palette someday too! Love your review hun! Can’t wait for u to get the Mrs bunny! I just cleaned my brushes yesterday and used my Dry’nShape… u should get that too!! ^_^

    • Caateryna

      I am loving my E05, I think it is much better then my MAC blending brush! I am waiting on the eye-shadows this month (the brush was the June freebie) I hope I like them! I’ve been running to my mailbox everyday hoping the bunny brushes arrived, praying today is the day! I saw that you got around to using the DryN’Shape! I will put it on my list for next month :D Did they dry any faster?

      • glossandglitz

        I was happy that my free shadow was a 3-pack, not just the 1 like I know Angie (yourbff) got a couple months ago, so hopefully you get the 3 piece too! Um… the DryNShape… love it, not sure about how much faster they ry compared to not using it as I followed the instructions and let them sit for 4-6 hrs before taking them out. My brushes came out really nice, brand-new like… even my big fluffy powders. However, I was disappointed that my F40 came out with a few hairs all wonky and bursting out to the side but I have read on other blogs that b/c of the natural bristles this has happened to a lot of people after first wash so maybe it has nothing to do with using the D’NS… Anyway let me know if you decide on getting it!!

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