TAG! 5 Minute Makeup Challenge

Hi Everyone!

I have another fun video to share with you all today. If you are not familiar with the YouTube “tagging” going around, it is basically where someone ‘tags’ you to complete a challenge, answer a set of questions, or has a special request. I was recently tagged by Janna from http://www.GlossandGlitz.com (video link -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne4v70Vh0nc  ) to try out the 5 minute makeup challenge. The name pretty much explains the rules, you have 5 minutes to get your makeup done.

I was really stressing out over this challenge as it normally take me about an hour to apply my makeup (what? I like to take my time! lol)

Do you think I will succeed? Watch and find out ;)

I also want to mention that I tag Nicole from http://www.hellomissniki.com :)

So lets hear it, how long do your makeup routines take on a daily basis?  Can you succeed with the 5 minute rule? Please share your thoughts below :)

Hope you enjoyed, till next time!

Caateryna =^.^=



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